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Adding a task from a template for Self-Hosted Bitrix24
11.28.2018 12:47:00
The module allows to create tasks from templates with subtasks (from Business Process Designer).

This solution is used to create tasks with subtasks from templates, with the help of activity for Business Process Designer. Developed for the Business Process Designer, doesn’t work without it.

After installation of the module, new activity for the Business Process Designer will appear — «Adding a task from a template» (on the tab «Other»). To work with this activity, you’ll need the task template ID and its subtasks ID, that must to be created during the execution of a workflow.

Insert the activity «Adding a task from a template» to the workflow chain, configure parameters:

1. Title — the name of activity in the business process chain;

2. Task parameters — in this field data array, which can be added to the template or overwritten, can be placed. For example, you can add the project/group for the task, responsible person etc. Data should be listed in the format: Key — Equal sign — Value — semicolon. Next, without spaces or line breaks — next parameter. This field is used to allow variables to be substituted in some fields of the task. For example, the director should be the one who starts the business process. In the template, this data is impossible to know in advance.

However, you can do direct data substitution, for example, in this case the task and subtask will be tied to the workgroup with ID=11

3. Filled in by employees (not necessary) — in this field you may specify the employee, on whose behalf the parent task will be created.

4. Template ID — the parent task template ID, by which is necessary to set the task;

5. Subtasks templates ID — template subtasks ID (separated by commas) of the template, specified in the previous field, on the basis of which you need to create subtasks of the parent task;

6. Attach — in this field you may specify the multiple variable of the type File (previously created in the template parameters), attachments from which will be tied to the parent task. For example, in the business process template parameters is created the multiple variable «File»:

Then in the activity settings specify:

When running the workflow, a request to attach a file to the task will be opened.

Select a file and click «Start»:

7. Task name template (macro available #TITLE#) — specify the template for the task name. You may add the macros — #TITLE# (the template name) or current date and time etc.

8. Inherited subtask parameters — in this field you may specify the subtasks parameters, which should be taken from the parent task parameters.

Specify parameters separated by semicolons. What it can be used for: for example, you have to add the workgroup to the task, but in advance is unknown, which group. This is determined during the workflow. The same group we have to add to the subtasks, when it will be known. In this case, to add the group to the parent task, in the field «Task parameters» specify: GROUP_ID=$groupID, where $groupID — is the variable, which is calculated during the workflow.

And so that the subtasks inherit the GROUP_ID, in the field «Inherited subtask parameters» specify: GROUP_ID.

Of course, you may also specify the ID directly (for example, in the field «Task parameters» specify GROUP_ID=11; in the field «Inherited subtask parameters» specify: GROUP_ID).


1. Download the solution on the Marketplace, specify the path to install.

2. In the administrative part of Bitrix, click Install Updates. In the next window, under the license agreement, tick two boxes and click Apply.

3. Then click Install.

4. After installation, the module doesn’t require any additional settings. After installation of the module, new activity for the Business Process Designer will appear — «Adding a task from a template» (on the tab «Other»).

Price for Germany: 90€
Price for USA and England: 90$

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