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Autoevent for Self-Hosted Bitrix24
09.03.2018 15:18:00
This solution creates a calendar event, based on creating (editing, deleting) of the infoblock record.

First, create the infoblock, which will contain information about calendar events. It’s necessary to create such fields in the infoblock: Binding to the employee (code TEACHER), Date (code DATE, multiple).

When adding a new element to this infoblock (which you will specify in the module settings):

a new event will be added to the calendar of an employee with the specified dates and title.

In the module settings, you can specify the text that the user will receive in the notification when creating an autoevent.


1. Download the solution on the Marketplace, specify the path to install.

2. In the administrative part of Bitrix, click Install Updates. In the next window, under the license agreement, tick two boxes and click Apply.

3. Then click Install.

4. In the module settings specify the infoblock, based on which the events will be created. The infoblock, must contain the field with codes: TEACHER (type Bind to employee), DATE (type Date, multiple).

Price for Germany: 190€
Price for USA and England: 190$

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