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Dependent fields in lists for Self-Hosted Bitrix24
10.03.2018 16:12:00
This module creates a new field type «Binded list (MCart)», which allows to build a list, binded with other list.

This module allows to bind a list with values to values of another list. It means, that depending on the selected value of the main list, few values will be displayed in the dependent list that are tied to the selected value.

How to use:

1) Create a list;

2) In the mode of editing fields, create a field of type «List», which will be the main list;

3) Create a field of type «Binded list (MCart)», specify the link to the main list, on the tab «List» set list of values and its binding to the values in the main list;

4) If necessary, create additional fields of type «Binded list (MCart)», bind it to the previous field.


1) in the code field of the linked list and in the value fields of this list don’t use the symbol "_".

2) the binded field must be placed below than the filed, to which it is binded.

Consider an example.

Suppose, we have a list «Dependent lists».

The field «Mark» is the «List» type. It includes 3 options: Opel, Ford, Mitsubishi.

Next field is «Model» (type — Binded list MCArt), it includes the values which can be selected for each field of the main list.

Now let's look, how the elements of the dependent list are created.

As you can see, for each list a sub-list opens with the specified values.


1. Download the solution on the Marketplace, specify the path to install.

2. In the administrative part of Bitrix, click Install Updates. In the next window, under the license agreement, tick two boxes and click Apply.

3. Then click Install.

4. After installation, the module doesn’t require any additional settings.

Price for Germany: 290€
Price for USA and England: 290$

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