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Custom property "Linking to the social network group" for Self-Hosted Bitrix24
03.05.2018 13:58:00
The module allows you to bind properties of the list to the social network group.

Using this module will be convenient for linking lists and projects.

After installing the module, you can create a list field with a new custom type - Linking to the social network group.

In the properties parameters you can set the theme of groups - then the sample will include only groups with this theme.

When creating a new list item, select the desired group from the list.

It is also possible to sort the list items by belonging to a group.

Attention! Now it is possible to link to several social network groups. When creating a new list field, select the checkbox "Multiple". 

When you add a new list item, you can select several groups for linking.


1. Download the solution on the Marketplace, specify the path to install.

2. In the administrative part of Bitrix, click Install Updates. In the next window, under the license agreement, tick two boxes and click Apply.

3. Then click Install.

4. After installation, the module doesn’t require any additional settings.

Attention! When you delete a module, this custom property type will be destroyed, all properties of all information blocks that have this type will become a number. The values ​​are retained.

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