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Interportal bridge for Self-Hosted Bitrix24
05.08.2018 13:37:00
The module allows to translate tasks from one portal to another.

Attention! For the correct operation of the module, it is necessary to have a connected «curl» library on the source portal!

If you use more than one portal in your work, the solution «Interportal bridge» will help you to set tasks without authorization on the second portal. A prerequisite for translating tasks is the availability of users, participating in the task, with the same email on both portals.

After the module is installed on the source portal, create the incoming webhook on the portal-receiver. Then specify the settings of the module on the source portal — the address of the portal-receiver and created webhook, set the launch frequency for the agent, which checks for new tasks for the translation. For more information about settings, read the «Installation» section.

Principle of operation

Create a task on the source portal, tick the box «Participates in export», which appears in the task setting window after the module is installed, to mark this task as a necessary for translation to another portal. Also, for the successful translation of the task, it is necessary that the users, who are responsible for the task and its director, exist on the portal-receiver with the same email.

In accordance with the agent settings of the module, the newly created tasks will be checked, based on the «Participates in export» feature, and the task will be translated to another portal.

The results of the task check can be viewed in the m_usb_tranc table. If the translation was successful, then the status of the task will be DONE. If an error occurs, the status will be ERROR and the contents of the error will be indicated in the server_answer field.

If the translation was successful, the task will be immediately created on the portal-receiver. Attachments of tasks doesn’t translate to another portal.

Note that the task will be created on the portal-receiver with a new number, different from what it was assigned when creating on the source portal.


1. Download the solution on the Marketplace, specify the path for installation (link to the source portal).

2. In the administrative part of Bitrix, click Install Updates. In the next window, under the license agreement, tick two boxes and click Apply.

3. Then click Install.

4. After installation go to the portal-receiver. In the public part of the portal go to the Applications Web hooks. Click Add Web hook — Inbound Web hook. Specify the name, tick the boxes with access permissions: Workgroups (sonet_group), Users (user), Drive (disk), Tasks (task), Tasks (tasks_extended). Click Save. Copy the code, that appears on the screen, to authorize the webhook.

5. Go to the source portal. In the administrative part go to the Settings System SettingModule settingsInterportal bridge. On the Settings tab specify: the address of the portal-receiver (link; you must have a signed SSL certificate on the receiving portal, otherwise REST will not work), user ID on the portal-receiver, webhook on the receiving portal (code you copied), set the topic for the task groups. Click Save.

6. Go to the section Settings Agents — in the list select mcart.intermedioModify.

7. Specify the frequency to check new tasks for translation — at a specified interval or at a specified time. In first case, set the desired interval in seconds in the «Interval» field, in second case — specify the date and time, when the agent will start again, in the appropriate field.

8. After the agent is started, the results of task processing will be reflected in the table m_usb_tranc. If the translation was successful, the task status will be DONE. If an error occurs, the status will be ERROR and the error content will be specified in the server_answer field.

9. If everything went well, the task will be duplicated on the receiver portal with a new number.

Attention! For the correct operation of the module, it is necessary to have a connected curl library on the source portal!

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