How to migrate to Bitrix self-hosted?

All data will remain

All your data from "Bitrix24" will be  transferred to a self-hosted version without loss.

Self-hosted version is established on your server which is placed in your company or  hosting provider.

In addition to opportunities of a cloud services, with a self-hosted version you will be able to automate business processes in your company, to integrate your enterprise portal with different services and to make many other things.

How to migrate to Bitrix Self-hosted?

For data migration from cloudy on a self-hosted version you can address our partners.

From the cloudy version you can pass to the "BizPace" or "BizPace Enterprize" version. A difference between editions - in functionality. Choose one of these editions together with the partner.

Each edition of a self-hosted version included about 25 users. If you use rates of "Bitrix24" with unrestricted number of users, you will need to buy in addition necessary number of users for a self-hosted.

The self-hosted version works at your own server. After transfer everything will look in the same way as in your cloudy "Bitrix24". In addition you will be able to adjust logic of work of a product and design.

In addition you will be able:

  • To place the portal on own server of the company;
  • To improv individually the interface and business logic;
  • To create separate portals for divisions, by turning on functionality of "multidepartment";
  • To manage groups of users by means of Active Directory;
  • To synchronize calendars, tasks and contacts on the portal with MS Exchange Server by means of the Connector to MS Exchange Server 2007/2010;
  • To use the Connector to MS SharePoint for bilateral integration into your portal.