Technical audit of site based on 1С-Bitrix

Technical audit of site based on 1С-Bitrix

We help identifying flaws in projects that result in incorrect and slow operation of corporate websites or online stores.

When is a technical audit required?

  • The site has begun loading slower

  • Some blocks, forms or entire pages are displayed incorrectly

  • The ordering procedure does not work and is fulfilled with errors

  • The site looks “crooked” on mobile devices: the layout is off, the forms do not work

  • The system works noticeably slower where there is an influx of visitors, and there is a risk that the site could crash at the peak of business activity

  • Data uploaded to the site from ERP and other external systems are displayed with errors or not displayed at all

  • You have doubts about the site’s protection against DDOS attacks and about the reliability of storage of data on users, financial transactions, and confidential corporate information

  • The Bitrix platform has not been updated for a while

Bitrix certified developers, architects and engineers will check:

  • Website loading speed

  • Correct display of pages in different browsers

  • The quality of program code and general logic of site software architecture

  • Data structure

  • Server environment settings

  • Quality of service of hosting provider

  • Compliance with 1С-Bitrix standards: performance monitor, quality monitor, and security scanner

As a result, you will receive a detailed report with not only a description of errors and flaws, but also recommendations on how to eliminate the identified deficiencies.


How much does a site audit cost?

– From 30,000 rubles depending on the complexity of the site (online business card, corporate portal, online store).

How long does an audit take?

– Usually one week.

Can you fix the errors found?

– Yes. If you need this, just order our technical support service.

Would you support our site and server?

– Yes, we can ensure the availability of your site 24/7.

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