Support and development of sites and portals on Bitrix

Support and development of sites and portals on Bitrix

We provide technical support and develop solutions for 1С-Bitrix and Bitrix24 24/7, and support is free for the solutions we have released on   Marketplace and users of Bitrix24 cloud.

Where to begin?

  • Submit a support request with a description of the tasks you require

  • We draw up a work plan and offer a reasonable rate

  • We specify the terms and conditions and sign a contract

  • After payment is made, we start working as per the set schedule and plan

Send a request

How is the work being done?

  • A certain number of support hours is included in your plan. They can be used for fixing bugs or developing the portal to make it more convenient and functional. If necessary, we help preparing a list and set priorities so that everything important gets done within the set budget.

  • A team consisting of a project manager, an analyst, and a developer is assigned from the very first day. All employees involved are certified 1С-Bitrix specialists with at least 2 years of relevant work experience.

  • Your requests are processed on our internal portal. You can always view the status of any task, leave comments, and make the necessary adjustments.

  • We monitor service availability round-the-clock and tell you about any possible risks in advance. We help planning and performing maintenance work.

  • If necessary, you can order 24/7 technical support or multilingual support (English, German).

  • If there are not enough hours in your plan, you can make a one-off payment for work beyond the scope of your plan or switch to another tariff plan.


  • Transparent pricing

  • Monthly progress reports

  • Diligent service

  • Convenient system for working with tasks

  • Strong team of specialists

Rates for support service plan


10 hours of work performed by specialists
30,000 rubles

Hourly rate - RUB 3,000
Additional hour – RUB 3,000


20 hours of work performed by specialists
60,000  rubles

Hourly rate - RUB 3,000
Additional hour - RUB 2,500


50 hours of work performed by specialists
150,000 rubles

Hourly rate - RUB 3,000
Additional hour - RUB 2,500


To improve the stability of the provision of services under a specific tariff plan, we propose to add the service-level agreement option (SLA option).

Available options:

  • Business hours 10:00-17:00, 12:00-19:00 or 24*7

  • Russian, English, German

  • A specialist to visit the client’s site

Most clients stay with us after completion of projects, entrusting us to support and develop their systems. We become real friends with many.

Elena Zhuravleva Head of Support Department

Comparison table

One-time requests
Plan subscription
Designated engineer
Monthly security audit
As resources become free, but no more than 2 working days
Within 8 hours
Service monitoring (apache, nginx, mysql)
Backup monitoring
Server maintenance (software update)
As part of the request
Telephone consultations

Why us?


Highly skilled employees

20 years

of successful work


Client site, portal and CRM support

4 countries

Offices in Russia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Completed projects

5 out 5

All Bitrix24 competence levels open

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