Project office

Project office

MC Art: Project Office solution helps orderly and effectively coordinating work on tasks of any scale, from quick one-to-one assignments to multi-month projects with large distributed teams.

The solution is based on Bitrix24. We use it in our work, introduce it to our customers and constantly develop it.

HR management

Allows quickly getting a complete picture of your employees’ workload and how the workload is distributed among teams or departments.

You can also:

  • Get a summary of resource allocation on one screen

  • Plan labor costs

  • Keep timesheets

  • Review employee workload

  • Monitor KPI for shipments (number of man-hours “re-invoiced” to customers)

Risk management

The system allows all involved in project activities to identify and record risks.

An individual card specifying the probability of occurrence, the amount of possible damage, the scope and other parameters of risk may be created for each risk.

A register of typical risks may be created in the future. If necessary, this register may be revised based on the experience gained from completed projects. It is therefore possible to plan the necessary activities more efficiently, insure projects against unexpected difficulties, and better plan actions protecting from risks.

Knowledge management

Allows creating and orderly storing the necessary materials, adding photos, videos, links, and tags to articles, discussing posts, clicking the “like” button, adding to favorites, working with version history, and delimiting access to articles.

Initiative management

The Suggestion Box service allows each employee to post their idea to optimize current work and introduce new initiatives, as well as rate the ideas posted by colleagues. The ideas that have been upvoted are submitted to the company management. This service allows determining the impact that implemented initiatives have on the results of specific projects and whether these initiatives should be used again in other projects.

Project committees

The module automates regular meetings of the project committee and makes it easier to solve problems related to prioritizing initiatives, monitoring the implementation of current projects, and getting the company’s strategic plans approved.


Weekly reports are flexibly configured, generated automatically, and sent in accordance with access rights and individual settings. The traffic light system allows quickly understanding and monitoring the current situation.

Project manager reports clearly show:

  • What was planned and what was done

  • Open questions and assignments

  • Problems and risks

MC Art: Project Office

MC Art: Project Office can be flexibly configured to specific needs. We can modify the solution to meet your requirements, and this is faster and cheaper than developing a system from scratch.

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