Electronic document management

Electronic document management

We automate document management using Bitrix24 and integrate corporate intranet portals with electronic document management systems

We successfully:

  • Automate the negotiation of contracts and orders

  • Coordinate joint work and document editing

  • Save document management history: comments, editing, and version

  • Use automatic recognition of document scans

  • Create electronic archives

  • Generate barcodes for paper document archives

  • Integrate with EDS and biometric authentication systems

  • Keep registers of incoming and outgoing documents

  • Integrate with mail systems for automatic generation of incoming documents based on email

  • Advanced search for various document attributes

  • Send notifications and reminders

  • Generate reports

We are equally good at automating document management on Bitrix24 or by integrating it with external electronic document management systems. The second option is often requested by customers if their current system is limited in terms of licensing or interfaces.

Maxim Kuchuk-Kurnakov  Technical Director

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