Bitrix24 deployment

Bitrix24 deployment

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For large deployments

Bitrix24 deployment

We are experts in creating and maintaining complex high-performance fail-safe web-systems.

We have deployed Bitrix24 in holding structures, for high-load e-commerce projects and have also completed non-standard integrations with external systems.

Developing replicable solutions lies at the core of our project ideology. Using crutches and reinventing the wheel every time are not among our principles.

Replicable solutions reduce project risks, timelines, and cost.

We offer over 500 ready-made solutions and modules. Whatever the task, it’s very likely we have a ready-made solution for it!

Maxim Kuchuk-Kurnakov Technical Director


Seamless project management methodology

Own team of developers with no freelancers

Commitment to developing replicable solutions and reusing them

Consistent achievement of a workload of up to 8,000 man-hours per month

Multilingual (Russian, English, and German)

Continuous investment in the development of key expertise — Bitrix24 deployment

Industry-specific solutions and ready-made modules to simply your daily work

350 ready-made modules to simplify your employees’ daily work

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