Intranet branding

Intranet branding

Increase employee willingness to actively use your intranet portal with an attractive design and easy navigation. Our team of professional designers will help create a unique intranet space where people will want to keep coming back.

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Most intranet portals are owned by IT, HR, or Marketing departments, and while these departments have the necessary skills to create and maintain useful intranet resources, they do not usually hire branding experts. A weak intranet brand results in low interest in the resource and even reluctance in using it to obtain relevant information, convenient internal communications and for effective collaboration all around.

Key components for a successful intranet branding

Intranet name

Most intranet portals of foreign companies have a name. First, the name makes the portal unique and reflects its purpose. Second, a name simplifies communication: employees more often and more willingly refer to a portal if it is easy to name it verbally and in writing.

Choose a name easy to remember, to pronounce, and to write without mistakes, and your portal will be mentioned more often.

Individual design

Order a personalized intranet portal design. Make the interface appealing, user-friendly, and relevant to your employees’ needs.

Internal branding brings about a better understanding of the company’s image and values. It also increases loyalty as well as the feeling of being part of a team.

Great user experience

Great design is not just about visuals. Use the best UX achievements to make your portal user-friendly, ergonomic, and enjoyable to use. Do not forget about the mobile version, because many employees will use a smartphone to get to the portal.

Rebranding support

If your intranet needs updating, we can help. Our designers will work with you to create innovative and inspiring designs that will bring a new lease of life to your intranet.

If the platform you are using is outdated, we will help not only with the intranet design, but also with its comprehensive modernization using one of the most popular systems in Russia – Bitrix24.