HR solutions

HR solutions

Our services

  • Deployment of HRM systems based on Bitrix24 and – HiHub – specialized cloud-based HR platform

  • Introduction of self-services to reduce HR employees’ workload (ordering certificates, searching the knowledge database, etc.)

  • Integration of HRM with external systems (1C, SAP, Boss Kadrovik) using ready-made modules

  • Coordination of access to services for employees with no fixed PC

    • Mobile applications
    • Vandal-proof self-service booths
    • Shared PC
  • Corporate portal migration from SharePoint to Bitrix24

We are experts in automating the following functions

Search and selection

  • Recruiting applications

  • Publication of vacancies

  • Resume import

  • Collecting information about applicants

  • Analytics


  • Self-task for beginners

  • Scenarios depending on the position

  • Monitoring of processing

  • Collecting feedback

  • Chatbot support

Talent management

  • Candidate pool

  • 360-degree assessment and Performance Review

  • Goal setting with OKR

  • Individual development plan

  • Compensation and benefits

HR recordkeeping

  • Employment, dismissal, and other HR records

  • View of remaining leave

  • Vacation application

  • Timesheet

  • Absence schedule

  • Pay slips, including more extensive versions

  • Personal income tax certificates (2NDFL)

Corporate university

  • Testing

  • Full-time training – attendance records, capacity management

  • Distance learning


  • Internal bonuses, badges, and other elements of game playing to engage and motivate employees

  • Internal online store to spend accumulated bonuses

Internal communications

  • Publication of news, announcements

  • Chats, working groups

  • Competitions

  • Feedback (“well done!” and “good effort!”)

  • Mailings via email and messengers


  • Posting e-books on the portal

  • Booking paper versions

Suggestion Box

  • Collection of ideas, discussions, and voting