Intranet relaunch

Intranet relaunch

There are many good reasons to modernize/upgrade any intranet portals that was deployed 3-5 years ago. In our experience, old portals are not very convenient, not mobile, and most importantly, they help handling only a limited range of tasks: more often than not, they are a graveyard of templates and instructions, outdated texts and project fragments abandoned due to platform restrictions.

Modern portals tackle dozens of daily tasks, enable collaboration, and support business growth. The following, for example, can be added without giving up the good practices of the past:

  • Tools for collaborating on tasks and projects

  • Contact center for communication between employees, clients, and partners

  • Document management system

  • CRM

  • Integration with SAP, Dynamics 365, Oracle and other corporate IT systems


modernizes/upgrades outdated corporate intranet portals, transferring them to Bitrix24 – one of the most popular platforms in the world.

8 000 000

companies worldwide use intranet portals based on Bitrix24

Project stages

  • We work out the conception for the new portal and list the necessary tools and services;

  • We discuss the design and interface requirements (UX);

  • We work out the information structure and navigation;

  • We coordinate the migration process from the old platform;

  • We draw up a calendar schedule, describing in detail the stages of work with deadlines and cost;

  • We get started and record work progress on the MC Art portal to which you will have round-the-clock access;

  • Once the project is completed, we begin testing. Together, we check whether everything works as it should;

  • We then recommend concluding a technical support agreement because the intranet portal needs to be developed along with growing business and not everyone can employ in-house developers.

How long does it take to complete a project?

– It depends on the complexity of the project. We usually modernize portals in 6-12 months. Sometimes projects last 1.5 and even up to 2 years, and along the way the company comes up with ideas for new stages.

How to make a modernization/upgrade project economically viable?

– If needed, we can help justify the project budget before your company management. We can advise on how to convince employees and managers that it is more convenient and efficient to work on the portal. We can tell you which services should be deployed first to draw in your employees. We also show our customers’ favorite tools.

An intranet relaunch is different from an upgrade: we not only add new functions and update designs.

We also create a fundamentally new modern convenient system with advanced technologies (e.g. the power of artificial intelligence can radically change work performance).

Anton Guryanov CEO

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