Service Desk

Service Desk

We introduce user support systems based on Bitrix24.

We automate the processing of requests from:

  • Clients

  • Partners

  • Company employees

System capabilities:

  • Record of requests

  • Automatic generation of requests based on messages in messengers

  • Automatic manager appointment

  • Request routing

  • Timekeeping, SLA management

  • Email notification about request status

  • Reporting

We set up integration with:

  • CRM

    Track all technical support requests directly in CRM customer card, review the communication history before a call or meeting

  • Telephony, email, messengers

    Communicate with customers in a “single window” using the communication channel they prefer

  • Knowledge database

    Answer queries faster, optimize answers to frequently asked questions

System advantages:

  • Intelligent routing of requests using machine learning technologies (artificial intelligence)

  • Quicker processing of requests with robots and chatbots

  • Better user service due to the integration with systems providing important information to give appropriate answers (CRM, knowledge database, accounting, warehouse, logistics systems)

  • High-quality analytics as a source of insights for business development (recurrent requests, bottlenecks, level of customer satisfaction, possible additional sales to loyal customers)