Workforce management

Workforce management

Workforce Management systems are designed for time and HR management. In implementing Workforce Management tools, we have helped renowned Russian companies to improve the accuracy and speed of workload scheduling as well as labor productivity and service level.
One of the main WFM tools is work scheduling for which we have developed our own solution


We have developed our timesheet solution on Bitrix24. We use it ourselves and deploy it for our corporate clients.

Employee schedules are planned in a special interface (Work Schedule) for each department separately (organizational structure element)

The solution contains

  • An interface to draw up and edit work schedules

  • A list of work schedules

  • Employee cards

  • A template of rights for point administrators

  • Reference tables (positions, statuses, legal entities)

  • Shiftwork designer

  • Excel export function

  • Notifications (email, portal) to remind when it is necessary to generate a schedule for next month, when the period closing date approaches

  • Reporting with the number of hours worked by each employee, each day, by departments, and the whole companyи

Integration with 1С is possible for automatic loading of vacation and sick leave data. Integration with other HR systems is also possible