Integration of Bitrix with MDM

Integration of Bitrix with MDM

Master Data Management systems help unifying data from different IT systems and creating an overall picture of customers, suppliers, products, and services.

If you are familiar with the problems of comparing data from CRM and 1C, from a product catalog on a website and in a warehouse system, from reports from different departments, then the advantages of using MDM systems will be obvious to you.

Integrating Bitrix24 with MDM systems will help:

  • Identifying and eliminating outdated data and duplicate records

  • Automatically distributing data additions and corrections to all business applications

  • Completing customer and product records with information from third-party systems

  • Quickly and efficiently updating data in online stores, catalogs, and other resources

  • Standardizing information and improving the speed and quality of decisions

  • Increasing sales and customer satisfaction

Our services:

  • Deployment of MDM systems

  • Integration of Bitrix24 with 1С: Enterprise and MDM (Master Data Management)

  • Integration of Bitrix24 with 1С: Trade Management

  • Integration of Bitrix24 with machine learning systems for automatic posting of products on external trading platforms

  • Integration with Icecat content delivery system (global product catalog containing over a million of constantly updated product descriptions verified by top manufacturers and online partners)

  • Building marketplaces

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