Document Generator for Cloud Bitrix24

Document Generator for Cloud Bitrix24


Document Generator compiles the files with .docx-extention, based on the template, created by the user, and by sourcing data from CRM.

Quick solution for the template question.

Many Bitrix24 clients use the Business Process Designer in their daily work. Business process templates have made work much easier, but manually compiling the same files after working out the business process still delays the execution of the task. For example, such standard documents as a commercial quotation or a contract had to be filled manually with duplicate data — company names, employee names, requisites, etc.


It was necessary to develop a solution that allows to automate the creation of template files by substituting data from business processes. When creating a document, which contains, for example, company data, you have to fill in a lot of fields — name, details, etc. Doing this manually each time takes a long time, and there is a high probability of making an error when copying the data. Therefore, we needed a solution that allows you to transfer data directly from the CRM to the final file.


As a result, we have developed a new activity for the Business Process Designer — "Document Generator", which generates a file with the .docx extension based on the template, created by the user, and sample data like details, names inserted into the template fields after launch of business process.

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